yesterday afternoon, I was fortunate enough to come to a conference center to listen to a promotion on micro marketing courses, which is a meeting held by the investment site, in fact, is a product promotion will be. The meeting host, vowed to put forward the audience of mobile phone in the future, I very much agree, after all, there are many kinds of data show that the mobile phone terminal APP social growth in traffic over the PC side a lot.

however, I think the organizers may have one concept here of the suspects, after all these comparative data should have similar comparison rather than cross comparison, that is to say, compared to mobile phone terminal social software and PC social software client, mobile phone search and PC search traffic to flow ratio, however if the mobile phone terminal and social software PC side search traffic to do cross contrast, so a bit of Guan Gong war Qin Qiong.

is engaged in network marketing work for most people, should be clear about the pace of development of mobile terminal fast growth has been far beyond the PC side, but at the meeting, the organizers provided a place to know not from what data, said mobile search traffic has gone beyond the end of a lot of PC but, when I use the search engine site after the inquiry found that the authority of businesses including Baidu, which is expected this year, their Baidu mobile search traffic will exceed the PC side. It is this situation, so that the author of the contents of the meeting had a doubt.

when the hosts spoke, the audience using a mobile phone to search for a variety of data the web hosting network, founded nearly 8 years of a data analysis using SEO, the owners of the house, it is only the weight is 4 GOOGLE, the PR value is 2. But according to their introduction, in 2008, they have to provide enterprises with the optimization of the SEO course, so I can not help but on this website impression no discount, after all, with 8 years to make their home station weight is 4, it is expected that the daily flow of not more than 5000, ranking the first keyword only 9. The two is your site keywords, in addition to the site of the long tail word is not very rich.

when the author in accordance with a traditional SEO thinking after the completion of this site platform, coincides with the host also finished the opening, and then officially entered the theme of the speech – how to carry out micro marketing.

in this speech, several speakers of the theme of back and forth is something we already very familiar with micro-blog, WeChat marketing, but for the presence of many people, they have a contact with fresh things, like feeling as if wakening from a dream.

In fact, the

meeting at the end of the day, it has been completely turned into a selling software sermon on the sidelines, the organizers even have ready UnionPay card machine, after the end of the meeting, it is revealed that their software + operations and how well it does attract a lot of the boss to buy the site.

a, network marketing is not life-saving straw

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