for newcomers, website promotion is undoubtedly very headache, because there is no what good method, but also very tiring. Below I introduce my movie station ( is how to promote, this method is suitable for the best movie station.

nonsense not to say that most of the movies are now QVOD resources, the player for the QVOD player, then why do we not do the article above the player. How to do? It is a package of your website belongs to the player, this will give you the watch users leave a good impression, but also stick to the user. Below I simply say that the package belongs to their website QVOD player method, first of all to use the software: 1.qvod package wizard 2.Inno Setup Compiler

first download the latest QVOD player, installed in the default address, and then modify the SKIN inside the skin, you changed the style of the website, you can also AD the best in play on QVOD to advertising patches. Not on the screenshot, afraid to say AD.

then you want to use the QVOD package wizard, according to the configuration to fill in the




configuration, the point of generating code!

finally use Inno Setup to open the code you generate


modify the inspection, press F9 to generate your site belongs to the QVOD player. The effect is not upload, the first time to write, write well, veteran don’t laugh, new people can think and use it.

My station

AD 1988 free cinema last hope that more exchanges, the local contact QQ915435902 can not clear the M I

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