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Author: Guan Jianming, former Austrian beauty, now medical group marketing director.

I am 30 years old this year, if I had a chance to meet her at the age of 22, I will tell him: [see] than [trend personal ability] 10 times more important.

The young

, who is not a hormone flood, no place to play during the


"I can’t be the son of a rich man, at least I can be the ancestors of the rich." when I was a teacher in the middle of the year, I was proud to say that I was standing in the classroom, when I was asked about my personal ambition.

is now in retrospect, embarrassed smile, ears red.

then read a couple of marketing classic, looking at marketing master works a sales soaring, I will imagine myself after graduation hailun hit a brand, to become the next industry hero, a book stand, lecture tour.

After graduating from

after the struggle, I finally stepped into the advertising Palace: Ogilvy, after 2 years of experience, I took 4A halo jump to Party A, determined to make a career, Sike of each project, each one copy, the damn performance fluctuated, 1 million 500 thousand, 1 million 200 thousand, 1 million. 1 million 200 thousand, no matter how hard I tried, it still piaffe. For 2 years, I wondered if I had the talent to do it.

today after 4 years, I have been in another company hailun marketing, these 4 years, the performance of up to 10 times, I become a name can not be ignored in the industry, I have the feeling to write into marketing or, before the 12 answer, the average answer 3K praise in the know the whole network ranked forty-fifth, my public number has tens of thousands of readers. Many young marketing people have asked me in them, I see myself 8 years ago: a very strong, but the lack of wisdom.

each people want to run the marketing in the enterprise, the company doubled performance.

OK, what is your strategy? What is the logic of doubling performance?

many young marketing people think so: I work overtime, developed a quality program, I Sike copy details, poster design, and finally grinding out a self that 95 point scheme, that after the launch would sell sale results,


slight fluctuations in sales, and even no change.

when we think deeply, we finally recognize a reality: even if your plan [program quality, execution] to achieve 95 points, it can not be achieved, your pursuit [results].

because there are a lot of other variables: the market environment, the company’s product competitiveness, competitors, etc..

even if you admire those well-known marketing people, who dare to say that I am a monthly production of a boutique marketing case, to ensure that

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