the source of this article in the know almost problem advertising public relations company cattle people, what is the logical structure of your plan?

if this is a direct copy of the knowledge of almost no answer, so I give myself a chance to look at themselves. Black is the original answer, I now look at the scarlet letter.

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asks: what is the logic of the ad company’s program? What are the routines?


The logic of

is the logic of persuasion, advertising companies are no exception. The plan is for the client.


the process of persuasion is to show you how to solve the problem of customer process. So I think the essence of the problem solving model – the problem is the customer’s business / communication problems, solutions are strategies and creativity, which is the direction of strategy, is a reasonable explanation of creativity. Sometimes the strategy is not a rational explanation of the idea, but only to point out the direction of the information should be

problem solving model can also be extended to the background: conflict question – solve (complex, three used into, solution is the key), the first three parts is we do the interpretation of customer brief: confirm the target or set a goal. This sometimes is not important, will be reduced to 1-2P; if customers do not know where is the problem, then we need to analyze the brand itself vigorously (see what customer specific problem is social that social, branding is said branding) / competitors / consumers to redefine the problem. (pointed out that the customer brief problem to be careful, it is easy to fall into the pit, referring to a good problem, not good also have a problem)

solutions are mining starting from insight (the attention of various angles, insight) as a strategy of the premise, can solve the above problem; attention direction and media generally involves message information set (depending on the importance of the). According to this direction to continue to set up ideas, big ideas, digital creativity, social creative or media cooperation, and finally the implementation of the case, usually in the customer to take down and then refine. (there is no what special, but more and more customers do not rely on big ideas, but directly according to IP, media investment, such as the title, star effect to IMC


Electric has a toolbox written in very fine: (note that this is the process of IMC



(I suggest how to look at the big logic row, many things in your own gadget is Dentsu, outsiders can not use it; execution of each media or their own research)


above is the logic line, the following are the specific routine communication plan (not MECE, he:>)

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