are you still updating your blog? That can keep updating it so few blogs every time you open the Google Reader will, and the update speed is also slow gradually, moreover more is a lot of blogs has interrupted the update, even over. Why would such a situation? Blog how to survive?

the day before yesterday to see a foreign introduction of food programs, the protagonist is a professional blogger, blog visits more than seven thousand per day, and visitors and strong interaction! In fact, this is the high state of the blog, and now look at the blog can be a number of people?

should we think calmly at this point? Perhaps we have ignored the real value of the blog from the very beginning!

blog to survive must first have the condition, then the actual point that can make the corresponding money, so as to have the power to insist, of course, we cannot deny the purely interest in blog. Remember when the blog in China just fire, there are many professional blog operators, now basically do not hear, and some website operators are squeezed by the micro-blog blog of new products. Most of these blogs are entertainment, and the real money to make money through the blog is basically an independent blog.

is the so-called independent blog have their own domain name, the blog set up in their own space or server, because the domain name and space have a cost, plus to build and maintain the blog also need certain technology, so relatively independent blogs are playing with a certain purpose. The following is for independent blog, no longer say.

operates a blog is very difficult, from the domain name space to build blog, templates, articles, promotion, profit, the whole process is long and difficult, it can better explain why many blogs are not profitable before the fall.

someone likened the blog operator into a company, and I agree with it. In this regard, many bloggers began to break the concept of personal, began to accept submissions, etc., but the effect is not very obvious. We have to admit that if the blog is the team’s success can be improved, but the problem will be more.

The survival of

blog is mainly reflected in the limited personal energy, can not provide a particularly valuable content, the content of the article is biased towards personal opinion, can not be sustained update, small scale profit difficulties.

Google Adsense, despite the existence of the league can help to some extent, blog has some income, but rely on advertising to maintain the survival of the blog can have several? I see a lot of bloggers complain even one year don’t earn $100. If the cost of the space and domain names can not be returned to the original, it is simply a big loss, not to mention the time and effort to calculate the investment.

I’ve thought about it before

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