push the open forum forum site diagnosis has been two months, during which had been diagnosed more than 100 websites, the forum community accounted for a large proportion, so today jianglikun decided specifically on the operation of the forum and we discuss. Some friends will ask, why only mention the operation, and did not say the promotion? Because I believe that this forum requires users to participate in interactive products, word of mouth marketing is the best choice. And want to produce this kind of word of mouth effect, need powerful operation to prop up.
      different forums, due to its environment, resources, the situation is different, the specific operation is not the same. Because the ink is limited, so today I cannot do everything, only to tell you some of the basic principles. Let the author share seven points about the operation of the forum and the seven people, although we can not say that is jack of all trades, but also applies to most of the forum, the general forum if you can do the following seven points, that basically popularity is not too bad. Cut the crap and get to the point:

      a new and timely response to
      we all know that a forum to retain users, the most important thing is to let users have a sense of belonging, especially for the new user’s attitude, especially important. Imagine a new treat passionate forum is easier to retain users, or users are more likely to retain the attitude of stern manner. I think the answer is self-evident.
      what is the response to the new couple, how much of the response is appropriate? I think in the first half of the first half of the new hair to give a better response. This specific depending on the size and popularity of the forum, but it is best not more than half an hour. Because the time is long, the user will think that the lack of popularity of the forum, or the user is too cold, exclusive new. The user has just produced a sense of belonging will be nipped in the bud.
      in addition to give the new response in the shortest time, should also pay attention to the post skill. Post content as far as possible in the humor, witty speech to guide users to participate in interactive speech. The simplest such as the new hair PP, reported three turn, pay protection.
      two, actively answer the questions of
      the importance of this article needless to say, we all know that the focus here to remind you that one, "learn to use search engines, don’t be afraid of the wrong answer!" because I met many forum moderators, many people sometimes have reaction users to answer the question, but they.

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