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exchange chain is not a simple link promotion. But some site to form an interactive exchange between groups, group of website links, so that when groups of visitors visit the site in, show your URL, promote the website users to share, to increase website traffic function.

exchange chain, also known as flow exchange Alliance (flow alliance) using the swap chain is suitable for small website promotion, can quickly improve site traffic, enhance the ALEXA world rankings. The swap chain is usually divided into two types, one is the picture link exchange, a text link exchange, usually high flow or click on the high site in exchange, the chain display frequency is high. But the swap chain will have the appropriate advertising, when a visitor clicks, you can also get some advertising revenue, choose the swap chain promotion is a good website promotion method. Hou Qinglong and announce exchange chain alliance under the best of the web site, the following does not rank has.

588 exchange chain

588link exchange chain, the best effect of the flow of the exchange chain alliance, known as the flow of the exchange chain advertising alliance for the owners to provide traffic flow, the flow of the sale of the purchase and sale transactions, the rapid increase in site traffic. And to provide advertisers with product promotion services.

sunshine exchange chain

sunshine exchange chain is designed for the promotion of the Internet site, the old exchange chain alliance.

grass root exchange chain

grassroots children chain (flow exchange, advertising exchange, exchange chain, text chain, link exchange, free website promotion, free advertising) – let your site quickly improve traffic!

779 exchange chain

webmaster for each other links, exchange flow.

serious chain

to provide a large number of owners to bring traffic, but also to protect the image of the site traffic exchange platform. Now a variety of traffic exchange alliance, filled with ambiguous low-level content.

top chain

all the industry’s Web site to join, do not charge any fee to join, when the operation is simple, immediate entry, immediate effect, is your best choice to improve the site traffic.

ugly rat exchange chain


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