on the local information station operation ideas and experience it, and now my master is medium city station, the station location of Zhaoqing Information Port interaction in the local information release and the city, before positioning is not accurate, there is no master basic ideological quality "adhere to the" so they can develop greatly. Intermediate stops for a period of time not to do, run to the garbage station, to the other competitors, now do the same information station has ten home, which has a new show, no matter in the rankings and included, even on a lot stronger than similar so, I want to spend a lot of thoughts, how can the information in the same station win, details determine success or failure, difference to win customers in this direction is the work.

                Web site is a product, product is the object of the user, is a local user, this point is very important, that is the first competition in the local contacts, personality, etc. angle and on whether local users have great difference it? If so, Congratulations, as long as you cooperate with and understand the local people to do the habit of standing, to increase the appropriate experience, not long, you will be the winner! If there is no great difference, then in accordance with the details before the success or failure of the decision, the difference to win the customer’s strategic plan to operate.

            webmasters are pursuing included, but many owners did not know how to retain customers, retain customers, the development of new users is now several successful CEO website is love the common method, so a website can succeed as long as this is very exquisite!

            the first truly only suitable for local people experience will let users achieve word-of-mouth marketing, this is to go to the next line of actual investigation, and then make the appropriate experience, like me there are a lot of people to buy products on the Internet, I opened a personal idle the auction, so that they can get a platform of their own, plus is local, allowing users to promote

is not a difficult task!

          the second is the interaction, the interaction is very important, one is to retain users, some local activities held regularly, I like here is a tourist city, so I can organize my city circle under the corresponding conditions, these organizations must realize to early the website integral system, don’t accept their money, this is another means of publicity, still have the effect very much! You will get more!

            therefore, a successful webmaster don’t foolishly, should have the courage, stingy Adsense.

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