has more than three months did not write articles and update the blog, and a lot of friends asked me is not out of the rivers and lakes, in fact, I am not lazy, on the contrary, the last three months, I wrote a dead. Because of this a few months in the closed book, written is the day to dark dizzy, wrote about thirty words to the beginning of June, probably can be listed. Now the book is finished, so Hu Hansan is back. So without further ado, the true story of the book. I blog style has always been to share the experience based, today is no exception, and this time we talk about the topic of resource cooperation promotion. As the article is relatively long, so this article will probably write three or four, today released the first section of the content.

a, what is the resource cooperation promotion?

enterprises through the exchange of their respective advantages of resources, in order to achieve mutual promotion effect of the activities, that is, to promote the promotion of resources, such as the typical advertising swaps, traffic swaps, etc..

the biggest characteristic and advantage is in the investment circumstances, implementation of marketing, expand revenue to use their own hands and existing resources, can put their resources to maximize utility. And suitable for any size of the company, units, and even individuals.

but his difficulty is also very clear, the key to its success is how to dig their own resources, and effectively expand the value of resources. So this requires us in the actual operation, give full play to the imagination, cooperation not be arrested in a standard, good creative cooperation will bring better results.

because of resource cooperation has a turn bad into good effect, so the company to pay more and more attention, and has evolved into a special department and position, its name is BD, namely Business Development, translated into Chinese for business development. In some companies, the importance of the BD sector has gone beyond the traditional marketing department.

two, the basic steps to promote cooperation

The basic process and steps of

resource cooperation is very simple, for experienced old BD, it may only take 10 minutes to talk about a collaboration, because it has only a simple three step:

first step: determine their own resources and needs

before we want to seek a variety of cooperation, we must first find out what we have the resources and advantages can be used, that is, to maximize the excavation of our own resources. At the same time to clear what we want to get through external cooperation, we want to have those resources. It is best to organize these data into a simple document or PPT, to facilitate the introduction of partners.

second step: identify each other’s resources and needs

clear their own resources and needs, began to embark on a journey through a variety of ways to find suitable partners. BD general staff in the eyes of outsiders look very leisurely, like to participate in various activities is in the online chat, online, call for people to eat. Actually >

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