some friends do network promotion only know the information in the forum, to create a lot of garbage outside the chain, but you can not, you do want to see in the persistence and quantitative classification of information website, release the chain, but it can play an unexpected effect. If you stick to a skill released with advertising links in the classification of information, it will achieve the following effects: obvious to people is that you release the information itself ranking is relatively good, the many people to experience; with the release of classified information in different chain, you website ranking rise gradually, this is not sure, but absolutely.

of course, there are rules for everything, you re classified information release information, is not able to receive good results, must comply with the following principles:

is the first release to be able to send a hyperlink with the classification information. Some classification information does allow you to fill in the URL, but a lot of classified information even allow you to publish a web site, but the site is not open, because not only text hyperlinks, URL, your classified information in this release of hundreds, but also in the 1 classification information with hyperlinks. Practice shows that the information with hyperlinks, YAHOO and Baidu can also be identified as the chain. If you want to get twice the result with half the effort, then you can choose information such as willing to find the network classification information release, according to my observation is feasible.

two is a classified information website you choose, the best able to help top, or self-help columns and recommended to the home page, the best is the classification of information site on the home page and column to display the latest information, with these top, columns and page display, you publish classified information, it has more chance to exposure. In this way, both for the search engine to find a visitor clicks on the opportunity, is helpful. So you have to try to release information, appear in the top, and the front page column. I am keen to find a network in Kenya ( issued a classified information, because the information released in addition to the top, and the front page display column, and the implementation method is also more humane, listen to me slowly to say. If you want to display in the top column, and the front page, it would take you to buy this integral integral, don’t need the money, what do you think are? Ha ha, is the release of information, every day can limit the news release information, points up, then you can spend points the information, or recommend to the columns and page can. We do not blame the hair information earned points trouble, you have to know that this information is yours, and you will be released in the columns of information and the latest information inside the page, which is also good for you. This is not the same as 58, in addition to the classification information can not be linked to the outside, to spend money to buy more points, and every day there is limited information. The chain crazy, can make full use of it to accumulate the chain.

three is not in the classification of information release the title and content of the same information, so the search engines are very clever, you send the same, ten and a half months to ignore you, there.

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