would you SEO? This sentence has become the 2007 grassroots webmaster a saying, like the old Beijing meeting asked: "do you eat?" for a time, the webmaster nets, such as Admin5, zzchn, im286 etc., have introduced SEO technical articles and SEO analysis of a large number. Even SEO and SEO opened a special column, whether it is just entering the field of website novice webmaster, or has been for several years old, does not SEO the three words with English.

SEO phenomenon, and now personal webmaster circles about impetuous mood: fast do traffic = money fast = quick success, as a rational equation, a crazy thinking that makes heard almost all of the webmaster SEO, have been attracted by the beautiful SEO, the effect that I will be as long as SEO, I will be able to make their own website to get a lot of traffic.

that is not imagined so beautiful, even if is, many people would not be so ideal high traffic, even 1000IP every day so that the flow of the figures is very elusive for many people, where is the problem in the end?

.SEO technology is very simple.

now all the teaching articles, without exception for SEO have been the myth, is to give people like the feeling: "SEO is a mystery, SEO is profound, but that is not the case, if I come to SEO technology and make a summary of it, then just do the following SEO, at the technical level, you can already start:

1, title is very important, only the best written words, such as the following website: website features Chinese shop is the "shop, online shop, then your website title wrote" shop, online shop, name your website

2, description and keyword have written, no can not write

3, the top of the page, add a word, bring your web site keywords, text form

4, Logo plus ALT notes

5, the main navigation content as far as possible with the main keyword

6, the name of each column in the form of text, and add the relevant column address

7, the bottom of the page again with keywords and home links

8, try to insert the main word in each page, do not worry too much about keyword density

OK so much, it is simple, at least to optimize every time I did so, and the difference between DIV and table; the choice of what kind of CMS will be better able to make the search admit, these are not a problem, it is not the main focus, SEO technology is very simple, learn for two months. Everyone will.

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