believe that a lot of friends who have been engaged in the site have been exposed to other platform sites invite you to do things with their website channel cooperation. Of course, I’m in it. I used to do a small area door door website. Most of the content is based on information, flash, pictures. Because energy is limited and not on the forum. After a period of operation of the site is also a small visibility, about four hundred or five hundred IP per day, because the picture is more than flash, PV is about two thousand or three thousand.

with the search engine included, began to steadily increase the amount of visits.

at this time, in addition to considering the alliance advertising system, I also began to undertake the dream of advertising. Then I announced a series of contact. I did not expect that there will soon be a lot of business contact me. Have to do advertising alliance, have to recommend the server. There is the alliance channel cooperation.

what is the alliance channel cooperation

?This is like your station without a mobile phone messaging service

I understand that it is by the other party to provide such a channel to you, then you only need to parse a level two corn to the other side of the IP, and then make a website with your head and tail like files from each other together to give you. This way through your site navigation point in the past after looking at your website. The most important thing is that you can also get income through the alliance channel!

at first I thought it was very strange, let alone with their own corn, this is not the same as their own leaves. But also increase the search engine included. So I guess I didn’t think about it. China _ Webmaster Station, to provide power for Chinese website

site has a new service, it is necessary to do publicity, so the site is linked to the new service on the site. Needless to say, more than a service traffic naturally more. Alliance platform in addition to bring me the flow, as if there is no so much revenue for me, and the income is almost zero. With the advance of the day, the Union website seems to grow a lot, every day they will be in a similar way to find the next big and small cooperation. Gradually, I found that the level of access to the two domain name is slow. Because too much traffic is attracted to the alliance platform.

see it all, I feel stupid. Give me the channel alliance seems to attract a lot of traffic, but I also gradually aware of each other to provide the service will be gradually a superb collection of beautiful things of my original training traffic to attract the past. People with the help of the Union website crazy to grow their own, more service channels, richer content, better service. China webmaster. Station

and what is the role of my website in this? China. Station. Long. Station

it must do so, only reluctantly to delete this alliance channel, Ning loss this part can’t run the flow. Because I believe that a lot of things to adhere to, the site’s service is to gradually, because boxing

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