many webmaster love use e-mail group for site promotion, but in the mail content in writing need to pay attention to the details of the problems, if all according to the same process, it is likely to enter each other’s junk mail, reducing the efficiency of our group, email marketing is to save time and cost, if you send the mail success rate is very low it does not conform to such characteristics.

to write the message content is not only need to pay attention to the local content, such as the frequency of the mail, send the number, speed, whether it is sent to the same server, but the message content is similar to become an important cause of spam, today and everyone from four aspects and everybody talking about some need to pay attention to in writing content, we also welcome.

first, good title: the title is a very important part of the message, like an article, the final click or not, to a large extent by the impact of the title. In the development of bulk mail content, vocabulary, title and text to minimize the use of typical spam sensitive, many words will be monitoring the mail server, such as the "loan", "invoice" and "winning", "discount", "gift", "finance", although the word itself not too many problems, but if there is in the mail it easily filtered as junk or spam chances will be greatly increased. Of course, does not mean that these words can not be used, but as little as possible, so as not to trigger spam filtering algorithm.

second, should minimize the use of punctuation: avoid some symbols in the message, such as an exclamation mark, ellipsis and asterisk, asterisk is a lot of people feel attracted the attention of others, in fact, the asterisk gave everyone the impression is not so good. Also in color also try to dull, can not use exaggerated color, especially the bold red large font, which is a typical method for attracting people, but tend to be treated as spam processing. If it is English mail, you should also try to use lowercase, can not use a lot of words in full capitalization. On the whole, should do the coordination of color.

third, string: the contents of the message, the title and the name of the sender do not use obvious fictional string. For example, some spammers will not tell you his real name, so will the sender name casually fill in the letters, in fact made equal to the white hair, because many users will not go according to the view, give a person a kind of virus mail feeling, in addition, the maintenance of spam filtering algorithm staff will not be too stupid. These rather baffling random string is usually served is the typical characteristics of spam, the basic will be filtered.

fourth, less pictures: mail to minimize the use of images, HTML code should be concise, although the use of pictures can make mail look more beautiful, but the picture should minimize the use of words and pictures, the ratio should be reduced to the minimum, the picture more e-mails, are considered spam probability will be greater. >

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