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shows that more than 40% of people have entrepreneurial ideas, and more than 30% are already on the road, with less than $1% in projects. Almost all entrepreneurs have to stay in the "from zero to one" stage, and those who get investment is very rare. There is a phenomenon is: get the seed round, round of angel and 90 almost no more than a big deal, but after 90 entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has become the main, create customer groups Oh, 90 entrepreneurs impetuous, perhaps it really is not reliable in


group is the highest of 25 years of age, careful people will find: this happens to be the age of the Internet, yes, this generation is the most deep thinking of the Internet influence generation, if the Tencent, Baidu, Ali, and the early four portals to build a grassroots network environment has Chinese the characteristics of the 90, is the only one in the course of development of the Internet to witness Chinese groups, they grow up in this environment, many people will be what one sees and hears than before, coupled with the Internet is very young, in his twenties, it is a gas that youth, so many opportunities, so we have the public "today, the entrepreneurial innovation pattern.

smart people don’t do contrarian for things

when the entrepreneurial innovation has risen as a national strategy, you should not wait, this is a wise man can see the opportunity, at the same time, in such a huge momentum has spawned another batch of business service organizations and institutions, such as attention to seed round investment institutions (investment amount often below 1 million) angels, (1 million to 3 million), VC (as the valuation and market space and etc.)…… For example, a variety of incubators, accelerators, venture capital funds, equity chips, etc……. They also serve the great entrepreneurs.

so now the entrepreneurial threshold is very low, especially in the Internet business, if you are a programmer or meet a group of Daniel can completely zero cost business, you can put the office in the basement, garage, and even the transformation of the toilet, these are not all the traditional industry has the advantage, even if you are in the street a the hotel also has tens of thousands a month rent! Besides the hotel also small audience, only that a street near the traffic, but the Internet is not the same, it can not in the store do not pay the rent situation for people all over the world to become your potential customers, this is also the traditional industries do not have if you venture, must choose the battlefield, smart people do contrarian things, at the same time, this article is written for those who intentionally beat a world in the Internet industry People see, I try to add some of their own personal experience.

from zero to one

has a lot of 90 entrepreneurs complain of not being investment, when you complain must consider: why people vote for you, you have to think you can "change the world" idea? When you do have to think, if >

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