Google ranking algorithm is considered more comprehensive, but there will be such a loophole, such as Google for the treatment of new web pages.

according to the normal algorithm, usually the new page is difficult to get good rankings, because there is no history, no reverse link. A lot of people have observed that Google will give some weight to the new page, so that these new pages have the opportunity to row in front.

in addition, Google detected a keyword was suddenly a lot of search, can be aware of this keyword is probably the current hot news. When the news of this sudden news, the new web page to give more weight, so that users can see the latest content.

under normal circumstances, these two characteristics, of course, give users a better experience, but sometimes it will become a loophole. This point in January 1, 2008 revealed.

January 1st Google in honor of the 25 anniversary of the birth of the TCP/IP agreement, made a special doodle. When the user clicks on the Google home page logo, will be directly taken to search January 1 tcp/ip search results page. There are drawings and reports of disillusionment.


named Ryan Durk who immediately seize the opportunity, within 24 hours from Google over 300 thousand IP.

Ryan Durk is the use of Google to give a special weight of the new web page. He observed in the search January 1 tcp/ip, was ranked in front of a web page of Wikipedia, and some other obvious weight is not high. Ryan Durk choose Google own blog service, specifically for the January 1 tcp/ip made a blog, blog URL is

choose blogspot because of the high weight of the domain name itself blogspot, blog can get some links through the Ping, blogspot can carry huge traffic, but also allows the release of Adsense.

Ryan Durk registered the blog, to some social bookmarking website bookmarks submitted, then the most intelligent is through the Digg website to do a special promotion. The goal of Ryan Durk is not to put his blogspot page to the first, but to submit his Digg page to the front. Digg page to the top 5, will be able to attract a large number of Digg users continue to vote, but also in the Digg community concern, bringing internal links.

results as Ryan Durk expected, within 3 hours of this Digg page into the digg>

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