China’s first commercial online advertising is: in March 1997, IBM and Intel jointly cast in

      Qu index, network advertisement in Chinese have gone through a full ten years. Ten years, the number of Internet users in China soared from 620 thousand to now, China’s online advertising market size from zero to $2006 by the end of 6 billion 500 million statistics.

      remember SINA and Zheng Naixuan (nicknamed bear, SINA, creative director, ChinaByte IBM is the original work, and the Intel advertisement designer) chat, asked why he did the main creative planning for the conch shell when we pull a lot of industrial design to show fine workmanship of the case. So, I to the group "the conch shell" advertising planning so far, remember.

      therefore, here on the network advertising planning.

      advertising planning generally has two kinds:

      one is the individual, the planning of one or more advertisements;

      the other is systematic, with a larger scale, is a series of different advertising campaigns for the same goal, that is, the overall advertising planning;

      systematic advertising planning, should pay attention to the following points:

      1 advertising planning must be suitable for the sales plan and intention, can not say the East, West, West, the two should be closely cooperate;

      2 identify advertising objectives. After the ad came out of the user to do, is to stabilize the old customers, or to win new customers? And what kind of new customers do you want?

      3 determine the market area, is to open up new markets, or compete for the old market share?

      4 should make meaningful commitments and guarantees to the user;

      5 should build their own unique, have a unique style image, and not with the same or similar competitors;

      of course, these are not enough. The most important point is: if it is a systematic advertising planning, must have the full cooperation of public relations and promotional activities.


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