webmaster do these two or three things

1 remember to start doing stand, it is 04 years. It was a small station, with the wild CMS, 100 / year asp space for people to buy, scrapped for several months in the future, to understand the most basic tools to get started, it is not a clue of what ASP, although it has not. Now and then, in retrospect, people are quite puzzled, how the original so much power? Why so focused on it?.

three years webmaster trip I should repent of the six

in the summer of 2006, with full of dreams into the webmaster of this industry, what all don’t understand, what are self-taught, grassroots webmaster this group all have a common point of light, is the ability to learn, a lot of people doing learned without teacher, when the first site may even HTML code are scanty, now many a few days ago on the QQ master, a friend asked me, do not buy a website address and then you can go to Baidu for the website? I had explained it to him is how to build up a website, did not think today, he has to do to my site look, is actually php+mysql, even told me the table data, like a dream. When a person’s desire to learn is strong, it is completely unthinkable.

personal webmaster want to go further website profit model is very important

said here go further, plain meaning is that your site to live longer, some of the money to earn more, nothing more than that. I am also a grassroots webmaster want to talk about some of the more practical things, so the development of what macro direction and ideas on the Internet, go online to search for those high people’s speech, if a personal webmaster you are like me every day, never again run the station itself, to maintain their daily expenses, so you can continue to look down.

talk about what kind of website to make money

today, a friend asked me, what kind of website to make money, to make money to do the kind of website? I just said what kind of website can make money, although the decisive point, but people always think so, what kind of website can make money, if you want want to earn, earn, how to make etc.. Different sites have different ways of making money, "wrote yesterday is very important" personal webmaster want to go beyond their own profit model this website profit model of the article, interested can look at today heart small talk about what kind of site can make money, just give novice stationmaster a reference master, can float.

a rookie webmaster experience and sentiment – do stand is conscience

although I have two stations, although I have done two years of webmaster, but not a qualified webmaster, even a >

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