users who think about the Internet in the past, most of the classification is based on the user level. For example, VIP, ordinary users. Or according to the categories of the game, what zombies, knights and so on. But these are actually gimmicks, the user can adapt to an obvious problem, for a new user, who knows what is the level of zombies, who cares about the level of the knight?

      the picture is on the Internet to find, we look to know what it means.

      so think about a question: how much is the user level appropriate? Need VIP?

      for young user groups, the game for them is so familiar, so borrowing levels in the game, in the blog, video, SNS and other media use has a certain universality; it is one of the characteristics of the Chinese, what need for a and benefit. I am no exception, writing blog is to let people look at the psychological. Lee can not, because 1/4 does not look on the literati character, a name; probably free, the name is not successful, a more practical than others. It seems that I.

      think to test to go, found that I barely considered the first person on the Internet: the flow of people. This type of person is either hot, cool, or cold. But to tell the truth, they don’t spend much. Belong to that kind of blind YY, noise type. Just because it’s a bit paranoid, or changeable. There are some people or so attractive, so brings traffic can be bad.

      second kinds of people, in fact, the type of consumption. Their purchasing power is not to say that every month not to spend so much on the Internet, it will not be comfortable. This kind of person’s psychological age is very young. The fact that the site is most in need of the user, no noise, energy consumption. This kind of people most love, buy is bought, so much nonsense like traffic, literary jargons.

      third people are fleeing people, they love scurrying around, not in a fixed place, so they may be blog everywhere, may also be a No. Say they’re the wind. They will consume, but will not be fixed in one place for too long.

      for the website, third people were the first to escape; and then as its own wind and site of the "derivation" strategy into flow; then some of them will be consumption, consumption form, the gunman is part of the pure Internet marketer,


      exile, flow and consumer

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