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as the Internet’s most important technical revolution, cloud computing, big data will be the next 20 years or even longer Duan Lixin generation of information technology, is the development of the national economy information infrastructure.

The implementation of

network strategy, the implementation of the "Internet plus" action plan, the development of shared economy, the implementation of the national strategy for large data, and written into the "CPC the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee bulletin" and the "CPC Central Committee on formulating the thirteenth five year plan for national economic and social development of the proposal".

central network information office recently held intensive forum, the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee learning spirit, promote the construction of power networks. Academicians, scholars, representatives of the central state organs, as well as Alibaba, Jingdong, drops, Sany, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other corporate executives attended the forum.

Shen Zhulin, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, deputy director of the high tech

think, with a tolerant attitude towards the development of the new economy. The development of new industries, has brought many new problems to the government management, which requires the innovation of social governance, such as by industry associations to assist, set standards and integrity, so that governance is more effective, more to meet the needs of development.

Shi Dongwei, vice president of Alibaba

: big data is the lifeline of

as an Internet company, we pay special attention to, put forward the direction for the development of China plenary session of the Internet, the information economy China, clear to expand the development of new space, the implementation of network strategy, the implementation of each "network +" action plan, the development of shared economy, implement the national strategy for big data. The strategy of network power as an important support, an important support for innovation. Let every Internet practitioners are very encouraged.

Alibaba has experienced 16 years of development, witnessed the entire Chinese Internet industry development and growth of the entire process. In October 8th this year, the Alibaba group released the first annual report since listing, especially put forward three key directions of rural economy and globalization, big data, cloud computing, the three areas will be Ali as the development of the next ten years the big direction, said at a cut to investment, to the development of big data and cloud computing technology, data and computing ability to become the basis of inclusive economic.

Alibaba’s strategy is to create the future infrastructure of the commercial society, has been in the past 16 years the construction of the ecological system of electronic commerce, including Internet banking, smart logistics and based on cloud computing and big data, a set of technology. The electronic commerce should be said Ali is only the first step of the overall strategy, only rely on the Internet technology and big data innovation, establish a real sense of the business infrastructure, can become possible, it can really help China and global small and medium enterprises, realize the day is not difficult to do business.

China’s economic miracle of the future lies in the release of the productive forces and the Internet big data technology to stimulate domestic demand brought about by leaps and bounds. China is not a lack of domestic consumption

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