ball 165CM, current weight has been maintained at around 65 kg. Three years ago the balls weighing 83 kg, it looks like a ball he, crazy, and self deprecating called his balls, big balls. As she walked down the street that thin MM what to wear good-looking while they wear what is like a bucket, feeling for the ball to say simply crazy. Lose weight became my biggest goal in life was

!In order to lose weight

balls what methods are tried, drinking the tea, diet pills, acupuncture, acupuncture point with what the spread of the Internet, a variety of thin soup diet, all tried, the effect is not very good, some of the methods was thin, did not pass a few days to bounce back. At that time, I was immersed in the pain of repeated weight loss. Then I summed up why I as a warning for the future, will be fat, in fact, is nothing more than three reasons: one is the appetite is good, two is too good to absorb, three, is too lazy to exercise. So I take for their own "eat less and exercise more" weight loss method, is actually very simple, is guanzhuziji mouth, do not see what good are all want to put in the mouth. You can’t eat fat food, eat less meat. Dinner to eat less, it is best not to eat rice, but breakfast and lunch should be normal, or insist on not go on. Not to eat, not eat snacks, can not eat any drinks, including canned fruit juice. Do not believe that those who eat weight loss diet can not afford to lose weight, because the absorption of fat MM will certainly be good, so many foods have been absorbed into the body, not fat, hell!

in addition to take to promote the discharge method, eat more dietary fiber rich vegetables (such as garlic bolt, day lily, wild rice, balsam pear, leek, celery, spinach, bamboo shoots, gourd, lotus root, lettuce and whole grains, etc.) fasting drink water (Bie Tai, don’t drink ice water) is also very effective, and these will not affect the health. As for sports, I am a lazy person, before eating, love will always find a place to sit down, take a rest, but I found that it is the key to long belly, it is recommended that you have to take more exercise, especially after a meal do not sit, to exercise, if afraid of stomach uncomfortable you can stand over about half an hour to sit down again. I said, I was a lazy, don’t love sports, so I basically is to rely on walking to burn calories, remember to "walk stride". Not only can stovepipe, also can thin waist, thin thin back, buttocks, let the arm is not fat, is the best body movement. Head, chest, abdomen, hip reduction, action to cross, arm to swing sharply, the maximum amount of movement, like the parade of female walk method, only the leg not playing the way.


diet and the most important point is to insist, insist on balls is summed up according to the method of weight loss to do, after three years, although the process is long, but let me know how to lose weight, though I am still very fat, I will stick to it, in order to get as fat as my people have a healthy mind, a healthy diet, I established a special lady to exchange experience weight >

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