held in Beijing, the fourth annual meeting of the Internet owners, issued a number of industry "Oscar prize", of which 2 flowers fall Xiamen. An award is the "image processing tools" 2008-2009 most owners welcome, winning is my net (www.55.la), another award is "IDC service provider" 2008-2009 most owners welcome, the winners are click Network Limited (www.3366.com.cn).

Xiamen region as the influential website, I can win such a high net worth celebrating Festival awards. I dragnet responsible person said that the award is the industry of the rapid growth of the net I must sincerely. I pull a net since its inception, with the majority of owners for the target service. Website always adhere to innovative ways to solve the professional problems of image processing. A year ago, I was able to grow rapidly from the unknown to the public net for the well-known website, it cannot do without the site staff to work hard, but cannot do without the support of the majority of owners. I pull a net to be not satisfied with the status quo, the picture will be more high-quality products, offering better network services to the majority of owners.

I net registered members among the same website forefront, rich products, is a provider of online image processing service leading website, products include banner, Logo, Taobao., shop decoration, image storage, image tools such as full service. My net cooperative enterprises have thunder, Tencent caifutong, Ali of Hangzhou science and technology and other well-known Internet Co.

this event, there were more than 2500 owners have more than 30 participants, VC participants, including the red capital etc.. The annual meeting of the Internet will be more than the number of participants, far-reaching. As Xiamen IT enterprises, can click on the network in this event won the Grand Prix, is proud of Xiamen internet.

Click on the

network responsible Wang Huiyin said that this award is click on the network has been the result of hard work, is the industry of the network click sure, click on the network will continue to provide better products and services for the majority of users, and promote the development of China’s internet. Click the network service provider network is the leading platform, dedicated to provide Internet service channels and provide users with a complete network platform including domain name registration, virtual host, enterprise post office, website, system integration, weapon.

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