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, Internet applications have become a necessary tool of mankind but as beneficial to the people’s livelihood, the progress of Internet technology, a variety of network security incidents happened frequently is a shadow of phishing sites, web, hackers and other reports often hit the newspapers for the development of the Internet, worms, phishing, Trojans, adware malicious scripts, system vulnerabilities and other computer security risks, like hiding in the shadows of a plague eroding network and computer.

thankfully, there are tens of thousands of network security companies and a large number of computer world top technical talent, make unremitting struggle with those hiding in the shadows of "hackers", for the majority of Internet used to prop up a invisible umbrella. Recently, the reporter inadvertently found that the official authority of the international network security organization StopBadware official website actually appeared a Chinese face".


in the official website of StopBadware can clearly see (below) green union Technology Logo. This means that the Green Alliance Technology and Google and other companies have become partners in StopBadware, and is currently the only company in China to form a partnership with StopBadware. This is for the Chinese network security industry, is undoubtedly a new breakthrough.

alarm response global Internet security risks are frequent

with the rapid development of the Internet, people’s way of life has undergone tremendous changes. But at the same time, the information network security situation in the world has become more and more urgent, some of the sudden network security incidents will often cause incalculable economic losses to enterprises and ordinary Internet users.

According to McAfee

(McAfee) released the "2010 second quarter" McAfee threats report shows that the first half of 2010 is the most rampant malware for half a year, a record high number of malicious software. In the first half of 2010, the number of new malware recorded has reached an alarming 10 million, the gains can be described as crazy.

in the world, there will be about 55000 new malware every day, including AutoRun (automatically) malware and password stealing Trojan malware threats respectively occupy the top two, the information security of Internet users face a great threat.

China is the hardest hit by malicious software. Thanks to the Internet, Chinese area in large scale, and the quality of Internet users and website security level is uneven, China mainland many websites and personal computers have become malware hiding that China Internet is considered to be "the most dangerous area of the global internet".

according to the China National Internet Emergency Center (CNCERT) released the 2009 China Internet network security report data show that the top 5 domestic Internet threats were malicious web page >

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