for many 80, Fetion is their first use of mobile communication software. In the past few days on Fetion is dead and the problem caused by the hot industry. In the China Mobile sound, we know Fetion is not dead, but in my opinion, the birth date is in the WeChat Fetion is already dead.



is a 80, still feel that it is the first Mobile Fetion software (WeChat social software), and not the impression on the First impressions are strongest impression, but because God like Fetion really existed.

time back to 2007, when the market is dominated by text messages, but the message has several weaknesses: 1, the tariff is too expensive. 2, after receiving the message, you can pretend not to receive. 3, mass complex. 4, no group function.

Fetion, through student users rapidly expanding user groups, the final stop at 400 million level, while the students the most typical usage scenario is monitor will release some class message via Fetion, including letter in the information service successfully and is to look after the mark has served and view. This avoids a lot of people say not to see. It was one of the most innovative moves of the time.


Fetion in the open message but also created a free communication software of the first to know to get free software if the company does not have a certain volume at the time is absolutely can not do it. Fetion free can be said with the 360 free antivirus industry, to set off the first wave of free China Internet market.


Of course

Fetion also have shortcomings, but think about these shortcomings is not Fetion itself, more common is the time. For example, Fetion signal is not good, often there will be news sent or lost. It’s like the road has not been repaired, the result of a car Ferrari, you say it is not running fast is the fact, but there are some more helpless.


Fetion is also a feature for the author of love and hate. As a China Mobile product, Fetion through indirect Unicom, experienced people know, send a message to China Unicom No. Fetion is to pay 1 cents, but as a group have the function of the product, or enhance the convenience of fetion. Let mobile, China Unicom, the two enemies, opened a gap in cooperation.


look back today, Fetion by WeChat dry dead, life is doomed, why do you say.

1, WeChat leather telecom product life, not only have killed Fetion SMS, it allows users to become free from the payment, which is the Mobile Fetion as products can or should not have the ability and responsibility.


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