2007 is the Internet the ups and downs of the year, record, copyright issues such as wave after wave to get the Internet webmaster tired downhearted, off station off station, switch the switch. In a word is a, video website is more difficult to survive.

      here to express their experiences and opinions for the television station, exchange views, mutual encouragement:


      to do video website in 2003, did rivers and some of the forums, traffic is not large, not how to profit the arena opened a year, no more than one hundred members, and later with the space business arena is closed. The collapse of a period of time that the site is closed in the chaos almost all day, contact a writing arena and forum friends drink and chat. Nothing on the forum and all irrigation. So after a period of time, you feel what should be done, a chance for a friend to a movie free account, then K6 is mixed, then listen not to care, and when the evening meal wants to make a movie website is also good. The arena know a lot of friends, which engaged in what industry, the brothers was very grateful for the work of the Bureau data, second days and he talked about this In fact, he said that he had two free servers available to me for the time being.

      the first time do not smooth, he stayed up half a month’s time to download some nice pictures and write a nostalgic film, such as shooting, on the other hand, I love watching cartoons, and see their own animation when the way to address others to join their animation system download a ready-made film, then most of the sites are not the chain. The film and system are good, so let your friends in the message, it is much more difficult than promotion now, but when people on the Internet have passion, website update too fast, so users slowly the more up, slowly well. In this time the Internet friend said to engage in the activities of what let me get some posters and CS game ", finished when a friend invited me and several performances friends eat a The rice meal, I talked about the thing of the website, then half jokingly said, give you an Internet home page, but the movie you hang on my link, he did not agree, he was the Internet here is also considered a good point, there are more than and 50 machines, of course now than not. What has this experience, more and more users, of course, will have more confidence to do, it was really hard, every day some small cafes do part-time maintenance, each cafe is also small, a total of over 7.8, there are problems call and past treatment the problem, a month to about three hundred, there are more than 2 thousand small one month down, much stronger than work, ha ha. Of course do Internet >

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