recently read a lot B2B website, found a few quite innovative mode of the B2B site, the relative mode of traditional B2B mode innovation is mainly on its website in the integration of the B2C function, the starting point of the site is very clear, is to meet the business comprehensive one-stop e-commerce needs, but the integration of B2B the B2C model is promising? I think a little hanging.

1.B2B and B2C: the "B" is "B


some people think that B2B and B2C their sellers are enterprises, are the same group. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, at this stage in the vast majority of sellers are engaged in B2B production enterprises, and engaged in the vast majority of B2C sellers are channels or retailers, the overlap rate of these two groups is not high. Of course, do not rule out the production companies want to carry out direct sales through the network, but the two question, one is whether your site has a large number of ordinary Internet users, in order to ensure the effectiveness of your platform sales? Two and Taobao, pat, eBay, and so has a large number of members of the free platform, how do you convince users to pay for your platform? Do you have a stronger competitive edge than the above platform?

some people may say the future with the development of electronic commerce, the channel will change, more and more products directly from producers directly to customers, reduce the middlemen links, so B2B will gradually disappear, replaced by B2C. I also think that in theory it is a trend, but the implementation of the process will be long, perhaps 20 years, perhaps 50 years, perhaps longer.

The success of the

2.B2C platform depends on resources and funding

the most important determinant of success in the field of B2C is the resources and capital, especially resources, regardless of the team. The resources mentioned here mainly refers to the active user resources, including enterprise users and individual users.

is now the domestic Internet environment compared to previous years has changed greatly, do B2C platform provider of the whole industry in China is only suitable for the absolute advantage in the enterprise users or individual users of the enterprise, such as Alibaba, HC, Tencent and Baidu, now they are still not fully involved in this market, it is only because of time it is not yet mature, other enterprises to enter the field, and little chance.

The future development pattern of

B2C with the current B2B pattern similar to that which will form the absolute leading pan B2C oligopoly (Pan B2C platform provider) and industry B2C long-term coexistence of different industries is B2C most enterprise founded their own sales as sales platform, such as, now ABC, and industry website B2B is the third party trading platform provider.

of Alibaba and HC, integrated B2C function may be many. The newly created B2B website integrates B2C functionality as a gimmick or value-added service is possible, but if this is the main, the aura of >

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