yesterday, angel investors, angel will first presidency Xue Manzi pointed out in an interview, this year is the first year of Chinese entrepreneurial social network, "we haven’t really seen the social network has brought profound changes to the overall life". In the next three to five years, China will be a great company in this industry.

what are the characteristics of a great start-up company Xue Xue said angel investment is the most important team. The most important quality of the team is the first good faith, the second is passion, the other is to find a current is not met the needs, but also to find a clear solution to the problem of the third. Entrepreneurs, if only to see huge financial returns and entrepreneurship, often disappointed soon. However, there is not enough enthusiasm and ideas, simple ideas in the proportion of entrepreneurial success accounted for only 5%, executive ability accounted for 95%. For example, a lot of people understand the business model of Facebook, but the real success of only one person Zach.

and mobile Internet start-ups ultra small team, the best team configuration is this: "a team best three people, have a comprehensive quality of the soul, there is a technical talent, there is a people who understand the financial and management. Their personality and experience should be complementary, the three of them had better have a work or run through experience. The founding team because do not understand each other and produce the separation will be devastating to the cause. Selection of partners."

users asked his views on the electricity supplier industry and group purchase, Xue Manzi said: "the group purchase is a viable business model, only last a few months time for thousands, Nishajuxia, along with the reshuffle, group purchase is bound to usher in a clear pattern, it will usher in the spring." Similarly, the electricity supplier said he also did not agree with the winter. He believes that e-commerce will have a great future in china. Community business is the penetration of social media to the electronic commerce, China in a lack of credibility, the credibility of businesses of low age, with social marketing as the model of the electricity supplier will have such a pattern than Western inventors have more value. Although the case has been the most unsuccessful investment in electricity supplier business 8848, but he is still welcome to find a good electricity supplier projects.

for the future direction of investment, opened the Xue said jokingly, arms and tobacco, "my father is Li Gang" competition of family background, is will not be considered. However, he is very interested in public entrepreneurship.

is the following micro interview memoir selection:

asked: Xue teacher, some investment like you and Xu Xiaoping teacher, when most people see the investment investment, I would like to ask you, what kind of entrepreneurs in your eyes, a bit more specific, we can have the personality traits of


: I hope to find individual entrepreneurs, first with unusual enthusiasm and interest to his career, if entrepreneurs just see the huge financial rewards for doing it, often disappointed very quickly, because it is.

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