Donews June 1st news users reflect the Baidu know open platform official page has been on the line (, including the official page introduction, introduces the process and mode of cooperation, join cooperation cases, on the right side of the page in the list for the industry website cooperation.

according to Baidu official introduction, Baidu know open platform is an open knowledge sharing platform based on Baidu web search and Baidu know. Cooperation site is free to choose the mode of cooperation, channel bandwidth, server space, etc. are provided free of charge by Baidu, and to support the platform upgrade.

in Baidu know cooperation cases list page display in the official website, cooperation is divided into education, health, life, games, cars five categories, recently will open up areas, mobile phone software, and other types of stars.

at the same time, swim long network, boutique learning network and Baidu cooperation, know the platform is already on the right side of the channel, with eye-catching Baidu know open platform and LOGO. Later, New Oriental, good doctor, Wan car network, video games and other buses will also cooperate with Baidu, is expected in June to know the various sites will be on the line.

another source said that there are already a number of vertical industries in the mainstream site contact with Baidu, Baidu will also be released in the near future Baidu know open platform, and announced the first list of cooperation sites. (end)

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