with the traditional economic situation in the doldrums, all countries have a deeper understanding of the potential and influence of the internet. The Internet itself really needs to manage, but the management is more based on source control, legislation and law enforcement right, according to the report, the domain name rectification campaign Jianrugaochao, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced yesterday, as of December 28th, the center has suspended the analysis of 13175 cases of adverse domain. At the same time, because the ministry requires all sites are required for the record, CNNIC also requires its domain name registration agents submitted for the record.

since the current round of Internet crackdown since porn sites have died. Since this year, along with the economic downturn, more countries are on the cognitive potential of the Internet and the influence on the Internet, various regulations have been issued, but in the specification of the Internet, should pay attention to the division of market regulation and administrative power intervention. As we all know, there will be an exception in the signing of a commercial contract, the provisions of force majeure". In general, such force majeure refers to a serious natural disaster, war and other human resources can not be reversed accident. However, if the improper use of administrative power has become an irresistible force, it is undoubtedly the market economy system.

but some media reports show that this phenomenon does exist. According to the "twenty-first Century economic report", since November, the national anti pornography movement spread across the web site. Some provinces and cities of the IDC (Internet Data Center) room in order to investigate violations of the site, all of the direct network inventory, to determine no problem and then re on-line. Because most of the domestic small and medium-sized web servers are all parked in the IDC room, "across the board", many small sites have been innocent. At present, the number of sites at about 300 above, many industry insiders estimate that after the storm, was shut down can not be opened there will be about 10 more than ten thousand, and the greater part will affect the flow by innocent.

According to the data provided by CNNIC

, CNNIC launched the 55 domain name registration services in this half a month in inventory of total domain 12 million 60 thousand, accounting for 89.5% of the total inventory of a domain name, obscene and vulgar website domain name of a total of 10160, only about 0.07% of the total domain accounted for 7/10000.

for Internet companies, the most important thing is PV (traffic), once broken, the impact on PV will be fatal. However, these small site owners can not follow the rules of the market economy and IDC theory, because it belongs to force majeure". In the "twenty-first Century economic report" in the article, many webmaster site so downhearted, may withdraw from the field of internet. And many of them are just graduated from college students, had been looking to do poineering work on the internet.

according to iResearch disclosure, in 2008 the number of SMEs in China has the ability to apply e-commerce for 3850, while the site is only 3 million >

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