in October last year, Shijiazhuang, a group of female friends are harmful Internet pornography on children and families, first founded the first domestic opposition to pornography as the theme of the website — China anti pornography network, a large number of reports of pornographic websites, and won the national million reward, but recently, the website was hacked again, forced outage maintenance.

due to report into the eyes of the yellow nails, crazy crazy irrigation

September 12th, Chinese anti love volunteers had an unusual mid autumn festival, their site suffered a hacker attack, again paralyzed, in order to make the site back to normal as soon as possible, within a few days, they give up vacation, maintenance of the website.

users reflect, since September 10th, has been in love with China inverted half paralyzed, many page cannot be displayed on the home page, garbled, loss of background message, dispatch function.

‘s contact with Chinese anti pornography net, the person in charge of Xia Xin told reporters that this period of time, the site has been in a state of being attacked, every day there are a large number of malicious posts to speed you upload, the site is now arranged for three volunteers responsible for deleting junk posts, but still busy.

Xia Xin, this encounter in everyone expected, in early March of this year, the website was hacked again, but did not stop the volunteers on Internet pornography determination report center report yellow website to Chinese illegal and harmful information on the Internet every day, has become an important content of the website administrator. June, China’s anti pornography network reported due to the active yellow, won ten thousand yuan of state incentives.

"we were estimated to report, customers cut off many bad sites of wealth, will certainly lead to revenge. We report our award-winning media reported the news, we became many people’s deep hatred, a message threatening, even "our" in some forum "crush" we appeal to the united." Xia Xin said, "in August, we were ‘Black’ once, this time, is the third time ‘black’. But we are not afraid, more attacks, the more that people are afraid of our existence, our firm belief: we must insist on the anti pornography act. Incomplete statistics, up to now, we have to report to the relevant departments of the state of the yellow web address has thousands."

is responsible for the management of volunteers Yuan Fang told reporters: Recently, hackers change attack, take crazy post irrigation way, temporarily don’t know what technology they used, make us impossible to guard against, and soon will be able to fill our space, make the website not normal operation.

Chinese anti pornography net A just cause enjoys abundant support. friends behind

China color love again was black, causing great concern to the majority of users, a Shandong University Department of computer of a teacher contact network, volunteered to undertake the obligation to maintain the service website. The construction of university students in Beijing Haonan close contact website, asked to join the Chinese anti pornography network volunteers >

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