news May 18th, according to the domain name haopeng user forum posting said, Baidu low-key acquisition of "new knowledge" Pinyin domain name, the domain name information has been changed to the name of Baidu Inc, the market rumors, the domain name as Baidu quiz website Baidu update "official domain name.


map: domain name Whois information

Whois information that the domain name registered in 2001, has been 10 years since the registration time, the domain name renewals to 2013, the owner of the domain name information display for the Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Limited Duan Zhiyong, other suffixes have been registered, the lack of a station, the CN domain name is knowledge of the group’s official website online bookstores domain name.


figure: Baidu query information page

Another Baidu

query understanding, domain name in May 1, 2010 before the jump parking page, the current domain name can not be accessed, the domain name is now renamed China platform, inquiry was informed that the domain name system through Baidu renamed China intermediary trading platform available.

Xinzhi is a new alphabet, Shi Yicheng can acquire new knowledge, has the characteristics of strong knowledge website, domain name transaction value, the industry have speculated that Baidu will enable the launch quiz website Baidu new knowledge ", but until now Baidu has not yet officially responded to this message.

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