Beijing news news to use offshore gambling sites, through acquaintances others gamble, setup, daily profit of 10 thousand yuan, CANDU will lose the majority. Yesterday, according to reports from the Fangshan police, in a residential rental housing to investigate a network gambling dens, and seized gambling money 16 thousand yuan. 4 CANDU staff control, organization gambling Lee criminal detention by the police, the police is still under arrest another design bureau.

according to the Fangshan police, the investigation of the use of foreign gambling gambling sites opened, organizers Zhang and Lee in the offshore gambling site to open a personal account, website baccarat gambling live on gambling, gamble personnel through acquaintances to bet on the Internet, by Zhang and Zhang, the account. Lee innings extraction 5% dividend return banker.

according to the CANDU staff confessed, Zhang, Lee opened the game 24 hours all day long run, the police in the investigation, many participants have not arrived at the most more than and 10 ginseng.

the police by asking that the CANDU staff "Ten Lost nine gambling, lost almost 3 per person per day, 4 thousand yuan, only occasionally" good luck "can win 1, 2 thousand yuan, of which individual CANDU staff has been selling real estate, family breakdown because of gambling. The open gambling Zhang, Lee every day from the illegal profits million.

At present, in addition to Zhang

at large, because Lee casino crime has been Fangshan police criminal detention, 4 gamble personnel were sentenced to administrative detention, the police are going to arrest zhang.

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