renamed China ( April 24th hearing, "added" the domain name was sold to 150 thousand yuan investors Chen Haonan, recently after buying the "car" Larry in million yuan price to sell, buyers of holder.


it is understood that Chen Haonan and the domain name with buyers for more than and 20 days, "a pretend not to sell, not buy a fake", the two sides finally looked almost, only tanlong prices. By querying the WHOIS information, the domain name buyers Wen Yiqiang, also holds the hands of,, and other domain names.

promising car domain name Chen Haonan also holds the car 2 letter domain name While the car is in the domain name Larry Wu Hao in the hands of investors, anecdotal price up to ten million yuan.

car as one of the most common people’s daily life in the transportation demand is larger, the automotive industry is not only a huge market, and the automobile industry derived more, therefore, the car class domain name in the domain name market is also play fast, the price is not low.

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