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DoNews August 29th feature (reporter to close) Foursquare face of plagiarism accusations, cut off network CEO song Zheng admits, cut off really "shameless" a. After a comprehensive deconstruction of Foursquare, song Zheng feel cut off to find their core value, that is, the mobile Internet, mobile social electricity supplier.

transformation of the tourism community mobile social electricity supplier

August 2010, Shanda’s online play formally launched. Play network initially located in the tourist community. However, song Zheng later found that users do not need to be limited to travel, they are more concerned about sharing and recording anytime, anywhere, as well as precipitation on the Internet more information and user relationships.

general users travel mostly offline, online and not in tourism, so the song Zheng think of mobile phone applications, coupled with the rise of China LBS boom, Song Zheng claimed to find the combination of LBS and tourism development space.

October 25, 2010, Song Zheng attended the meeting after the cut off, feel more and more "play" the word tourism breath heavier, and "cut off" is the name of LBS Chinese, seems more attuned to the future of the site location. November 25, 2010, the network changed its name to cut off the network, from the original tourism community to LBS transformation, began to focus on the mobile Internet, mobile client.

renamed after the cut off, song Zheng still want to build a stranger social network. However, due to the lack of social support platform, coupled with a higher demand for cut off the phone, cut off the number of users and did not appear explosive growth.

2011 June, song Zheng began to emphasize the practical cut off, no longer requires users to sign, but allow users to get more preferential services through the cut off, cut off to highlight social mobile positioning.

through the LBS access to user behavior data


cut in the course of the development of mobile payment is not smooth, users need to cultivate the habit of bottlenecks, but cut off the customer to do the idea of mobile service providers are increasingly firm. It seems, cut off to provide users with coupons, buy and sweepstakes and other activities, it seems similar to the nature of the group, but Song Zheng does not think so.

Song Zheng said that the value of the customer to cut off to the side surprise, these surprises include coupons, buy, as well as sweepstakes, etc., by cutting off the sign can get these benefits.

Song Zheng think, LBS is the most valuable part of the user behavior data, in the cut off, the user sign or not does not affect whether they can get a discount. But LBS encourage users to sign in, because it allows users to cut off the user’s behavior data, which is conducive to optimize their own business

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