A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 5th news, millet company yesterday at the media conference, announced that Chen Tong joined and served as vice president, responsible for the content and content of investment operations.

Chen Tong is not responsible for the rumors of mutual entertainment business, but also to replace the co-founder of millet, Li Wanqiang’s business, but is responsible for the content of millet investment and content operations. Lei Jun said, millet do not directly, but in cooperation with partners. "We welcome the first gift to the old Shen Gang, $1 billion investment in the content, old Shen responsible for take out." Lei Jun said.

Lei Jun said, for millet TV, millet box, millet mobile phone, is a life-and-death matter event including millet tablet. When millet platform to reach a stage, the need to enhance the content of the operational capacity, which is a problem to be solved millet imminent. Otherwise, even if the millet TV work better, is not rich enough, consumer complaints is very big, millet team eight founders all technology and design background, so millet need such as Chen Tong have a deep understanding of the content, a huge appeal in the industry with the people.

said, Lei Jun was one of Chen Tong’s fans. As the portal model of the pioneers, Chen Tong in the network arena status undoubtedly has many years of excellent media operating experience and strong connections to Chen Tong if they can enter the millet, millet content and media strategy, is undoubtedly increased the odds.

all the time, Chen Tong was considered to be outside the portal era lay at the end of 1997, he joined four Liberia (sina.com.cn predecessor), in charge of sina’s 17 year career, a hand built 7*24 hour rolling broadcast portal mode, relying on massive information, broadcast and other characteristics, sina will create one of the Chinese media brand.

Chen Tong is millet early investors, have 26 years of friendship with the king of Sichuan, Chen Tong once had a brief stay in Wang Chuan early start-up companies, but in the end is Wang Chuan sent Chen Tong to join sina. Lei Jun said that behind the largest contributor to persuade Chen Tong to join millet is the king of sichuan.

Chen Tong said that the main reason to join millet in two aspects: public and private in public, mainly to see the great potential of the development of millet; in private, he is excellent with Lei Jun and Wang Chuan personally. Meet the scene, Chen Tongli nextrecord: up to six months, let millet box and TV content changes in turn the world upside down.

talked about why the departure from Sina, Chen Tong said, "I think I have completed the mission, in the past I have done everything, and now have more opportunities for more aggressive young people. Sina has also been to the content of the vertical, mobile new era." Currently, millet is a new round of financing valued at $40 billion, will be mainly used to expand overseas channels and content millet investment. The Chen Tong join millet content is conducive to strength enhancement.

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