and micro-blog marketing large benefit: push forward a pay offer 50 yuan (with TechWeb


[TechWeb] July 12th news, Sina micro-blog commercial test began to turn the water micro-blog large. According to friends broke the news, Sina micro-blog is testing pay large forwarding function, i.e. if the user needs to spread the original micro-blog, Sina micro-blog recommended by large single forwarding, micro-blog charges ranging from 20-50 million.


name "BestMrlee" the netizen posted a screenshot showing Sina micro-blog interface, the user’s personal page below micro-blog’s single "reading" label is set to drop down mode, and marked with "let the brightest heroes help you forward, more people see your micro-blog" this word that is below the recommended by Sina micro-blog large.

different size large fans offer different, such as 700 thousand large single micro-blog forwarding costs 20 yuan, 6 million 900 thousand large fans forwarding costs 50 yuan. However, it is not clear Sina micro-blog and the specific division between the large set.

currently, Sina has not responded to this screenshot micro-blog.

in fact, the relationship between Sina and micro-blog has been very subtle. Before the commencement of commercial in Sina micro-blog, micro-blog has large influence in marketing and communication with pay promotion, for Sina micro-blog continue to intensify supervision of marketing large, once made gag or delete processing. The move also sparked opposition and Tucao micro-blog marketing thought, even the "xiemoshalv". But cooperation from now exposed paid ones, it seems that sina and micro-blog has found a large marketing symbiosis model. (Chuck)

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