recently appeared in "a treasure event" and "a group" after the incident, many people put the P2P definition out again, directly to the P2P platform in other countries with Chinese P2P platform model comparison, concluded that: in our country at present most of the P2P platform are not really P2P. Regardless of right or wrong, but people do not think the other things take over, then continue to deny their own things. Although in many people’s impression Chinese is the love of imitation, but imitation learning process will have individual characteristics, P2P industry is the same, although it is exotic, but in the process of development China in recent years, has gradually formed the development of his own style. Now to define what kind of platform is really P2P platform, it is too early. Perhaps the future will be with the United States lendingClub, the German Auxmoney platform model, it is impossible or very difficult to say. Why would you say that?

first, the direction of national policy

China is currently in the process of economic transition, the state leaders mentioned more than once the people business, highly innovative, this is a new focus of reform direction. Everyone knows entrepreneurship, but also want to start a business, but there are a few people can truly realize the meaning of entrepreneurship, we all know that the most needed is the source of capital. The state will not say "national entrepreneurship, innovation", will certainly pay active action to achieve this goal. For now, in addition to policy support enterprises, financial innovation is a good support for the people of entrepreneurship.

the emergence of Internet banking makes the possibility of further increase the national entrepreneurship. From 2007 to date, the cumulative turnover of Internet banking over trillion, for many small and medium enterprises to solve the problem of capital flow. National leaders continue to emphasize that the Internet financial innovation, the Internet financial planning 5 years into them, and gradually clear regulatory policies, the signs that China’s current Internet financial expectations, not only for the personal credit point of lending, but more is combined with traditional financial revitalize more economic market.

second, China’s economic structure

this feeling comes from the content of Wu Xiaoling: to increase the intensity of social restructuring efforts to promote China’s economic transformation and upgrading, the following picture is also the interception of its articles.


can be seen from the picture, the composition of China’s net assets, the proportion of non financial sector departments, financial institutions, government departments, only a little less. In other words, Chinese residents’ money or love grasp in their own hands, of which more than 50% for savings, I mentioned before this article, basic welfare has not reached the national benefit, the hands of money is considered the best way for. What does it mean for a person to have a personal credit loan, if not yet?

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