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editor’s note: classification information website has reached a white hot competition stage, the future of classified information website development, can give us more room for imagination, people network as one of the three major domestic classification information website, is how to plan their own role in the future competition, for these unknown undoubtedly, we had the opportunity to interview people network CEO Wang Jianshuo, asked him to talk.

TechWeb: people go through the network of 6 years should be classified information website in the country to flourish in the past 6 years, looking back on the history of the development of the network, what do you think people support the network through this period of time?

Wang Jianshuo: people network was founded in March 2005, is the first domestic classification information website, then we call "eBay ECG Kijiji" group in the Chinese station, in 2008 changed its name to the people network. 6 years, Sina, Sohu, Microsoft, NetEase, QQ Google have launched their own channel classification, by December 2006, Chinese classification information website reached 2000 highest, at present there are people in the classified information website operation, estimated to be less than 20, the first echelon of only 3.

we can go today, the first from the global experience to share, we every year and countries, members of the ECG meeting, to share experiences and lessons in the development process, there are many have been operating for more than 10 years of maximum classification site ECG members, their success and failure experience to help us go a lot less detours. Second, we have a maximum efficiency of 20 in the elite team, few people realized the scale of win. Third, we have a strong financial background.

TechWeb: a small team of elite people network has always insisted the team model, why always adhere to this pattern? There is no future may break? After all, between the classified information website has been intense competition.

Wang Jianshuo: the competitors have expanded the number of employees to thousands of people scale, people network still unbelievable 20 a few small team, maintain the first echelon classification information of position, our experience has proved to the elite team of high-quality, can win. This year, people network launched the expansion, but the model does not change the elite company of light, we insist on hiring the best talent, but to strictly control the number of employees. Encourage employees to use wisdom to solve problems, rather than physical.

TechWeb: people pay great attention to the network team culture training, teamwork also plays a pivotal role in the development process of people’s network, this culture is how you do it and stick to it?

Wang Jianshuo: as an elite start-up companies, people on the network members of the team have higher requirements, one is an individual

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