[TechWeb] Evening News reported on April 14th, the Shanghai municipal government information office official micro-blog @ Shanghai release issued a document, because of false propaganda, Shanghai on the 6 chain of home real estate brokerage company were sentenced to administrative punishment of 130 thousand to 200 thousand yuan.

Shanghai chain home and other 6 real estate agency fined from 130 thousand to 200 thousand

According to the official micro issued a document, said the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee, the city of industry and Commerce Bureau of the city’s real estate brokerage companies conducted a law enforcement inspection, chain home, Pacific, I love my family, such as 6 brokerage firms fined for false propaganda. In April this year, the city will launch a first half of the real estate brokerage special rectification work, focused on investigating false information spread prices, prices of real estate speculation; conceal attachment, mortgage rights limit status information, lured consumers trading behavior.

@ Shanghai release issued a document that has been verified, the chain of Companies in the process of development of the brokerage business in the presence of truthfully inform the house property survey results, with the seriousness of the violation to conceal fraud means consumer transactions. City housing in accordance with the relevant penalties "quarter real estate brokerage management measures" of the upper limit of chain companies and two brokers involved a total fine of eighty thousand yuan, canceled the stores involved and related brokerage personnel online signing qualification, and recorded in the credit file.

at the same time, the chain of home, Pacific, Ren Feng, Han Yu, I love my family, Jia Xin 6 brokerage companies through related websites, released second-hand housing information to foreign, fictitious housing, housing prices and other ways to carry out false propaganda to mislead others vacuity. City industry and Commerce Bureau in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Anti Unfair Competition Law of People’s Republic of China, the 6 brokerage firms were sentenced to administrative penalties of $one hundred and thirty thousand to $two hundred thousand.

grew up as a real estate agent in Beijing, the chain only spent a year in the country’s 24 cities in the shop. Chain home in 2015 to acquire Shanghai, Shenzhen and other leading enterprises to enter the local market. Behind the barbaric development, frequent problems. As previously reported, the intermediary to bid up housing prices is strictly, Beijing chain home under a large number of high priced houses.

days ago, sources said, the chain of home recently in the launch of a new round of a total of 6 billion yuan of financing, investment valuation of about 33 billion yuan. (Wang Kaka)

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