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the current electricity supplier industry smoke is far from calm, a commercial era feudal lords vying for the throne. The advanced cost structure model of a new generation of electric company is a play disruptive change ", become the key to victory.

text / venture state columnist, trading treasure founder Zhang Xiaowei

with the Jingdong’s successful listing, and then the Alibaba landing sequence of huge financing the U.S. stock market, many media have exclaimed electricity supplier duopoly "Shi" era, as if Chinese electricity supplier pattern has been set. On the contrary, I think that the current electricity supplier industry China smoke is far not calm.

to buy low and sell high electricity supplier model, the electricity supplier’s cost structure is the key to determine the survival of the fittest". Currently, the electricity supplier company cost structure has undergone a disruptive change.

Ten years ago

bin Chinese flow system is very bad, which makes some electricity providers have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build their own distribution network. But ten years later, now the electricity supplier has no need to spend such an expensive cost, the increasingly developed social distribution system for everyone to reduce the threshold. The assignment system of the national open positions, we can skip the self link, split management, warehousing, logistics and distribution. This is undoubtedly a large thin electricity supplier cost structure, an easy job to do will be part of the company’s cost advantage painstakingly bubble.

also need to focus on the current information environment is quietly changing. Before relying on traditional marketing electricity supplier, by throwing money to buy traffic, advertising to attract consumers. In the new media environment, the flattening of social marketing has become the most effective means of attracting users. Here, a new generation of traditional electricity providers and electricity suppliers are equal opportunity, do not have to spend big competition marketing momentum, who mastered the new media, who can get low-cost hand-held key traffic.

all the electricity supplier for the future pattern changes foreshadowed. This time does not need to be too long, in the next two to three years, a group of advanced cost structure model in the United States and the type of electricity supplier companies will rise. Compared to traditional electricity providers, a new generation of electricity supplier companies in the cost structure of more advanced science, this structural advantage makes the new generation of electricity providers from the play on the commanding heights.

the electricity supplier companies can give full play to the role of social productive forces, to get traffic with the help of social marketing, the use of social logistics and distribution to the distribution of goods; at the same time, they have their own unique positioning, relying on its own positioning, these companies will create their own platform sticky tightly stick consumers. They understand the product, knowledge marketing, sales, has a very strong barrier protection. Because this barrier comes from the company’s own products, from the loyalty of the senior user stickiness, but also from the efficient and advanced cost advantage.

such enterprises will not be too large, they will be more than a dozen individuals

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