sports network news the evening of December 7th, Jingzhou Bureau of commerce website was hacked once after 5 days after the repair, the Secretary to the page again modified by hackers. Hackers tampering with the page to leave the mailbox, said the site is willing to help fix vulnerabilities.

"come in and see, there’s a leak." Hackers believe that the Jingzhou Bureau of Commerce on the site’s maintenance testing did not play a role, not to solve the problem from the source. "Please relevant departments as soon as possible, do not want the next time I can come in!"

8 morning, the reporter called the Jingzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce office phone, a responsible person to work, do not know the site was black. He said, in the face of "equal to anything of hackers, the Bureau of commerce is also very helpless," which is not our responsibility, is not responsible for the network caused by the company! "The responsible person made it clear that will end with the sports space technology limited cooperation, give it up for the safety of the site, the higher the company of new network web site.

according to the hacker left the mailbox, the reporter sent him an e-mail, but until the time of press, also did not receive a reply.

              Jingzhou Hubei Bureau of commerce network was transformed into three black girl

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