deep network reported group Kang Xiao reported on May 4th

young students to the death of Wei Zexi, Baidu once again suffered moral condemnation, and eventually lead to the Domino effect of national medical industry Chinese denounce abuse, but also to the previous Putian Department of the hospital system unraveling secret from the public.

in fact, the Putian hospital all over the country has been there for a long time, but a variety of secret hidden ways to provide camouflage.

The effect of

therapy and the treatment of the high cost of doubt is the biggest reason for Putian now suffering from the accused, but there are many years of Putian, exactly how

grow up?

apparently Department of Putian development permit does not rely on the effectiveness of the treatment, in addition to the regular hospital and deceitful way of cooperation, good at leveraging heavily package their own marketing operation, is also an important reason for Putian to grow.

in the Wei Zexi incident, Baidu has become a popular one is to blame, because Wei Zexi is using search engines to choose to biological treatment center of Second Hospital of Armed Police Beijing Office, the Wei Zexi family in the center spent about two hundred thousand treatment, but eventually lead to lung metastasis died of disease.

advertising is the usual way of Putian reach the user, but the fabric of Putian bright image of the tool is not just Baidu. Tencent "deep web" technology group reported through the survey found that, regardless of the network, television, radio or newspapers, the Putian Department of marketing and using different media has been get in by every opening, credibility and influence of the packaging, the Department of Putian was able to establish a trustworthy image, from the numerous "Wei Zexi" who earn high profits.

CCTV price: five seconds forty thousand

on the clever use of the credibility of the media, the Department of Putian as a "medical" empire building tactic.

according to industry insiders, in fact, medical advertising, including the Department of Putian advertising process and other industries, just to review the medical advertising to be more stringent. All kinds of andrology, gynecology, infertility, cosmetic hospital advertising already captured the various local TV screen, but with the increasing of medical advertising regulatory control, hard advertising restrictions more and more.

but hard advertising is not the only way out of Putian, hard advertising, the Putian Department of the interview program, news coverage on the TV screen.


local television coverage of the Putian Department of the news reports (deep network finishing)

is the Department of Putian captured is not only the local TV station.

in the Wei Zexi incident, the name of tumor immune therapy was developed at Stanford University due to poor efficacy in foreign countries was abandoned, but the packaging department in Putian with two Wednesday five price to sell their various medical patients, and this therapy appear more than once in the CCTV report.

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