It is reported that in February 20, 2012

news, since last week, the name Jeremy Lin became the sports industry, the most popular concern in the domain name word, related domain names have been registered, it is set off a wave of Lin, on Friday, Jeremy Lin has applied for two trademarks "Linsanity" and "Jeremy Lin".



: trademark application text

Linsanity is "Lin crazy" meaning. The "Linsanity" trademark is number 85541426, "Jeremy Lin" trademark is number 85541428, the two domain name application scope is wide, including sportswear, shirts, pants and so on, the two related domain names and trademarks, such as,,.Net etc. have been registered, the domain name is early in 2005 it was registered.


diagram: page

on the other, submit the "Linsanity" trademark registration application and AndrewW.Slayton, he submitted the application in February 9th, which had in high school coach Jeremy Lin, have the domain name, the domain name website earlier application, pointing to the sales of "Jeremy Lin T-shirts" related products, or because of legal issues, two days before the site just close the display "Coming Soon".

The processes of

Jeremy Lin NBA, became the world’s most eye-catching star, and its related domain name is a registered boom in the industry, such as, Jeremy book,, Lin Hao Lin Lin invincible inevitably Jeremy Lin and so on, its brand value has reached 20 billion U.S. dollars, this time, Jeremy Lin is able to successfully apply for trademark rights, to it is beneficial to create a brand.

              NBA Nova Jeremy Lin burst red name domain name registration boom


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