FLASH, with exquisite pictures, beautiful music decoration "

is now online shop more and more heat, and the reality of the store, the beautiful "decoration" will give "shop" elegance. So someone started a shop decoration workers business. It is understood that the network is divided into ordinary type, exquisite, luxury three types, ranging from $200 to $1000.

shop decoration by friends sought after

two months ago, the public Wang opened a cosmetics store on Huaihai Road, and to set up a store on the internet. Due to the lack of publicity, online sales are always on the go. In the proposal of a friend, he invited a special network company to build a website, but after the completion of the page do not feel beautiful, then decided to give their shop decoration.

He learned the simple web pages by using the knowledge of

Wang, and spend money to buy some "decoration materials", started to go up, "the store all my designs," the cosmetics counter "is crescent shaped, this is my favorite part." Renovation of a new store really quickly gathered popularity, click rate rose rapidly, turnover increased.

reporter learned that, nowadays to shop "decoration" business is very hot, many users have posted Homo habilis "decoration", many netizens also issued a "decoration materials" group purchase invitation.

a well-known domestic shopping site has been shop decoration as one of the four major content of the site, in addition to the introduction of the decoration knowledge, skills, but also linked to the user’s decoration experience. In addition, there are some decoration materials, such as beautiful pictures, beautiful FLASH, fantasy lighting, personalized music, and some available for free download, while others have to charge a fee.

network master earning eight thousand

is responsible for a "online decoration company" Lee said that he was doing web design for an Internet company, through "public live" after the customer feel satisfied him again "to beautify, is of course the other charges. Soon after, he resigned to stem from the "beauty business, later, Mr. Li learned that there are a lot of people and one of his occupation, called network renovation work.

"decoration depends on the size and structure of the design, we have to look at the size and layout of the site and design." Lee said that the design of the site is more personalized work, for non professionals, if you want to achieve their desired results, you have to communicate with the designer in advance.

the best prior to sign the agreement, to compare their own site on the style of a clear definition of each function for more detailed price." It is reported that the grade of the decoration is divided into ordinary type, type, type of three kinds of exquisite luxury, price ranging from 200 yuan to 1000 yuan, they all > decoration materials

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