do stand easy to ignore the details of the 1 (I’m not here to talk nonsense, say something we may ignore)

1 for home page

in the background of the input Title Keyword description of the time not to add the word, especially the space characters and other separated character, pay attention to spacing, this should be reflected in the description.

for the overall structure of the site we should grasp the following

classification information should be closely around the key word, it is best not to increase the flow and deliberately increase the popular keywords. For example, a station is QQ around the QQ nickname nickname you deliberately do the nickname, but you add dance to external or pornographic movies that can not, but can occasionally write in the title, is occasionally, if it is not published a wide range of people. To display personal advertising that 76815 in the main navigation below as well, in addition to the home page of the GG or MM can not put too much, personally think that 3 to 4 can be, the best of different home page keyword plus special marks can not be too much, in fact, keyword density personally think that scare you as long as you do a visitor experience at least not suddenly hate you stand it and of course Baidu test you also won’t suddenly put you to K for the corresponding effect: can be added in front of the navigation column can not add the title of the article is not too similar.

for the home page is full screen or narrow screen centered, personal view of the narrow screen center for the best color and color matching the best color is not more than 3 kinds, so too fancy. (not written by everybody, just 1 years of experience in the home) length is too long to add Links did not say and home page keyword similarity query how the closer the better, I also don’t say. For the last point. I want to say you’d better add their own QQ mark Links added, you don’t have time for others can find you do not fight a lone battle.

In fact,

is usually 3 pages, the second is the list page, page list of visitors is relatively small, but the message is more, personally think that the list page to place ads put 2 on a page and is similar to [email protected]’s GG another kanzhaoban after all, you and I are not the same in sub – the list of pages to appear! The main navigation, specific expression list page corresponding keywords, such as the latest hot, you can change the way of thinking such as boys and girls love to watch other people or make the words let others click click. It is best to appear in the home page or the bottom of the list page to do the corresponding key word

list page you want to pass on to you the relevant specific information of the key word, it is best to have a general classification in this list. The last page is the article page in fact, in addition to the home page is the article page, the home page to do the main keyword page reflects the concrete embodiment of the internal and long tail words, for example, I am the most QQ nickname

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