call "spirit of middle class" marketing has become a routine


"fled North Canton" with the spirit of the middle class hi a "heart", this kind of new to the world as the representative of the marketing industry has gradually become the darling of the marketing case they represent the tonality, the young artists of the pain points, the spirit of the middle class talked about, these are Party A is watch Soul label.

however, four months before the airport run, or four months after the subway station and get together, said to be a "new marketing", but rather a new world for people’s mood to create a show. This show has not found the problem, there is no way to find a solution, only the passing of the mood and share the circle of friends to highlight the taste of the design, looks like a kind of escape outside the marketing."

a top-down show

marketing task is very pure: advertisers want to increase sales of products or services, service providers, Party B will need to develop appropriate marketing strategies to let people have the desire, then through the sale of other ways to solve people’s needs, so as to complete the advertiser’s demands, it is doomed to the inevitable marketing is a bottom-up driven.

However, the new world

to create the spirit of Carnival and no real purpose, they don’t want to go to solve specific problems through a marketing event, to find a better solution, but they think it is worth trying to output a move, on behalf of the spirit of the middle values of emotion, encourage people to imitate their respected way of life, this is a typical top-down thinking.

magic realism after the alienation of

maybe people really want to flee North Canton, Lijiang to Dali Gulangyu Islet myself terribly fatigued soul, but in July 8th 8 in the morning, Kita Kamihiro commuters or crowded at the peak of the subway, or congested roads in the city block, or has been sitting on the station before the relief of the fatigue and lack of sleep as for that, up to 14 to escape the ticket can only become the absolute sense of spiritual sustenance.

maybe people really want to share their knowledge, make reading back to our life, but the working day and subway station will not give you stop reading space and the environment, have some difficulties in standing crowded car, it seems that only 4.7 inch screen mobile phone can efficiently use reduced to fragments as for the duration of basic drifting in the subway books, in addition to sigh "the world still warmth in", then let it go……

when a marketing campaign to try to infect the target population, and there is no way to participate in it, even if the force is too high, it is bound to be a self proclaimed victory from the hi carnival.

is more sad is that this type of marketing is not the lack of good people, and applauded even vaguely visible advertisers figure. Can only say that the new world for Party B to complete a special thing a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.

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