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data show that the number of mobile terminal usage is increasing year by year, in the continuous development of Internet technology and user interest change under the guide, from the early end of the PC forum, micro-blog, etc. Post Bar community is moving slowly to the end user migration, visible, the development trend of mobile community is more and more obvious, of course all the changes are not, it will be Weakness lends wings to rumours., a new marketing mode in the future.


what is the mobile community? Simple can be understood as, in a same geographical region or virtual, on a hobby of mutual exchange and sharing, from the strange to the familiar, by holding a variety of related meaningful activities to convene the members to participate, and gradually establish a relationship between each other, between regions in the sense of belonging and their mutual identity, a kind of mobile Internet group which consists of.

The process of formation of

in the mobile social community, is not an easy thing, although the development and the law of nature, but compared with the traditional community development, it has changed some matter, an important reason lies in the geographic area is more obvious, only through the mobile Internet will be interactive to the next line the only active community, which is a geographic area and regional network community members with a more clear choice, can follow the community to participate in activities whenever and wherever possible. With the change of life, all kinds of material and spiritual activities are more and more abundant, interests and activities in diverse ways, so that the mobile community cohesion becomes concentrated, the value is far more than is the exchange and sharing of the extension, has become a new marketing mode can be a kind of development trend is the future.


, one of the most hot mobile community is QQ, just before the QQ group, later development of open interest community and the public, many Internet watchers launched a public number in QQ’s intention, WeChat public advantage and where? In fact, with the development of the mobile community, the answer is slowly revealed. Even if WeChat public number is launched as operating channels, but in order to obtain accurate customer like the sea fishing, only by observing the behavior of users, to share and attract customers to find suitable for users of content information, further operation. However, the number of public QQ has broken the deadlock, because the community, QQ is no longer dependent on Q group prior to the one-way information transmission, the public number to attract users to actively participate in community activities, accurate user requirements can be obtained online and offline communication, the public number to start marketing to target users benefit far higher.

QQ from the public, the marketing model can be seen as a community of the entire process of marketing links or even a tipping point, make up the marketing community and other groups of the same logical, is many to many forms of communication, but the community is a group of organizations, personnel flow is always around the center, the having common interests of users will eventually be gathered together, can also be > for product introduction

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