introduction: as a professional marketing person, in the circumstances, the author should study early "title party" of the law, found all kinds of hot reading over a million, maxed circle of friends, like "friend body unified title".


‘s economy, "the title of the party" homeopathy.

What is called "

" companion?

believe that many young intellectuals (such as Xifeng), were young and no guess, read this magazine. In the era of WeChat micro-blog skyline, "friends" with "eye-catching title" + "the ups and downs of the TVB drama" + "occasional chicken slogan", has become an important spiritual food in the old national youth. Oh, think that year, I have short and shallow Too Big for Her Skin, with life experience, to the "salon" feeds to earn extra money, now want to come, can not help but ha ha ha.

here, this is the first companion of several classic title, give everybody a casual feel:

regrets vanity, sweetheart married my sister


married a month, I found her husband is a murderer!

good girl ah, how do you know the kind of flowers was black wolf brother


foolish girl, you sweet bubble why some


a spinning needle causing the tragedy, brother sister

wake all love!

only this life won’t let you cry, let me through time to save your


flower teenage boy spiritual growth history — and I have to say the story of the seven wife


I am ugly, but I am very gentle


money is bad man, sleeping around the

hit the Regal restaurant!

mud play a big cause the world’s most handmade clay sculpture of Queen

road to success!

tells you the truth: life is a game, a dream!

avoid sexual harassment in the workplace, your defense is not as good as these rituals!

travels to the motherland after I became the beautiful rivers and mountains, the famous writer


and I lament our you, but this Mensao


? Pumianerlai drama? Side side tehaoqi, sniff at, want a body? Is there a brush circle of friends familiar


why "bosom friend" enduring


because "drama".

In the development of

technology, in the era of change, the heart of the desire for thousands of years, the conservation of the ordinary life, to drama, to flavorfully live! Deep human desire for "drama", never because of scientific and rational development, and has been eliminated. The "friend", is the largest.

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