one, how to make search engines found:

when a new station on the line, or the old station after revision, how in a short period of time by search engines found here, many methods, active passive submission, included, this method actually can be summarized as: the spider.

two, how to search engine included

similarly, whether new or old station, it is a big problem, although you can also be included less, high ranking, but it is not a permanent solution, how to make search engines often come to your station, and included


three, how to make the site’s ranking up to

when your station is included in the search engine, regardless of whether your keyword is very hot kind of, our goal is to let your own keywords can be ranked in the first few pages of the search engine.

four, how to get customers to find your


when the station of your keyword rankings, whether there really has brought benefits to you? Flow is essential, but the ultimate goal is to let the sales of variable flow, position your keywords are accurate, whether the customer is used to search the word


five, how to make the customer into a loyal customer consulting

when the customer found your station through the keyword, find your company, and telephone or online consultation after, whether to buy products from you? If not, why?


why do I only ask questions, and do not say the answer? The reason is very simple, these are what you need to think, to imitate other people’s ideas, can only follow others to pick up the rest of others. Encounter any new problems, will feel at a loss. I don’t remember where I’ve seen people say: dealing with search engines is like dealing with people. Appropriate tricks can be, but don’t get smart, because no man is what you can fool for a lifetime.

each network marketing staff, every day to ask themselves these questions, which link is not done enough, so that you can continue to progress. Every day. What problems, first find the disadvantages from their sites and ideas, a word is a timeless truth: the search engine is always right. Because you rely on others to eat, so not qualified to say BAIDU garbage, said GOOGLE not.

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