when a friend told me that the way out of the site there, and then we talked about network marketing, from his understanding of network marketing is SEO, basically all of those things around seo. In fact, SEO is just a way of network marketing, network marketing, there are a variety of marketing methods, SEO is only from a point of view of the lower cost, more intuitive way to promote a network.

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a lot of people are in for a variety of reasons through the network to the road of entrepreneurship, when a lot of people into the webmaster of this vicious circle, in the industry to transit to turn to, but is all around the station or to optimize live. In fact, this is very dangerous, this behavior shows that your mind is too single. In fact, for us, whether it is a site or optimization is a tool in our hands, a weapon. If you are too obsessed with the tool, then the final result will only cause the neglect of their own knowledge of the surface, will ignore the customer’s initial needs and objectives. Most of the individual owners are basically because of the interest of joining the station and then grew up army, the enterprise and the customer will not be because of a variety of interests or for fun and investment, enterprises do network marketing in order to occupy the market or customers, get more profit is through the network marketing. So companies do not care about what tools to use marketing, but the results of the marketing how much effect.

network marketing companies do not care too much about what the site is to expand the brand, win the market, the occupation of the user is the ultimate goal of marketing. Therefore, the individual owners are often troubled by these entrepreneurs, so we must continue to learn new knowledge, never put yourself in a grid. A very simple example, like Lenovo, apple this big companies to do network marketing, so they will think of SEO as a very important thing? The answer is obviously negative, so personal webmaster want to venture you should give yourself a clear positioning, objectives and results is clear, what is the result need the most? What needs to be done? What need to be done? Not for SEO, but through their SEO marketing.

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In fact, many

owners would prefer to stay at home even if they can not earn a few money will not go to work, this is a very bad idea. There is no clear thinking, excellent technology, independent economic capacity, good marketing methods, a broad network of relationships. Every day at home waiting for the fall of the pie in the sky, this is a typical speculative psychology. To be in an industry or success, then we must constantly enrich themselves, contact someone who is better than you know, knowledgeable people than their own, never bored in a small house, will never self deception.

webmaster road is quite difficult, when a group of old owners fell down, there will always be a number of batches of novice webmaster to continue. There will always be people who will win and some will fail. We can never grasp the outcome of one thing, but make sure

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