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of small and medium enterprises in the promotion of enterprise products, services and other information, will be on the bus in the newspaper, do good pictures advertising signs, found in the course of time the traditional promotion form is too single, and the purpose of advertisement is too obvious, the investment is very large, long time down not only money but also not too obviously, it makes the traditional enterprises have been very upset. However, with the continuous development of the Internet, many small and medium-sized enterprises has changed the traditional way of promotion and the choice of the Internet online image promotion, many small and medium enterprises on the Internet, enterprise products, services and other information packaging in the form of pictures, and then transferred to the hands of users through the Internet platform. Therefore, the emergence of the Internet advertising pictures become small and medium enterprises to promote the killer.


The picture is

promotion promotion personnel many companies are already doing, but I found that many extension workers did not adhere to it, is not the first to master the correct picture, second is not persist, the resulting picture promotion ended in failure, so we don’t want to do the image promotion. This time I have been learning the way to promote and combat the picture, insist on a period of time, not a long time for several months, a look back effect is obvious, the company’s products also passed the promotion pictures delivered to the user’s hands. The author summarizes the advantages of the use of image promotion, low cost, wide application, fast spread, wide range, deep memory. In general do picture promotion when advertising taste lighter, easier for users to accept such ability, the author with enterprises to promote personnel exchanges is how to use the pictures to the promotion of enterprise products, services and other information.

one, the use of image watermarking to promote

first, the use of image watermarking to promote. The watermark is one of the most basic image promotion, the operation is very simple, only need to add the watermark in the image, the author in the watermark for businesses are placed on the product picture, generally in the product promotion all love to do with the image promotion, users can find pictures of products by the search engine to search for pictures, but this time on the picture to see the watermark of enterprises will have some impression of the product, the author thinks that the enterprise can take the watermarked images to the platform release, let the pictures appear in the platform.

For example: the

for the enterprise to promote the product image promotion, the watermark, watermark print is in line with the user experience of the picture, what is specific to do that, then I choose the specific forums, portals, albums and other promotional product promotion, long time down these targeted sites we have a picture, and I will update some of the latest pictures every day, let the picture printed on the user in mind deeply.

two, the funny, funny pictures for the promotion of


then, the funny, funny picture do promotion. As we all know, the picture is easy and humorous

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